Just as progressives demonstrate caution in the face of artificial intelligence, progressives(dysgenicists) fear conservatives(eugenicists). Because if we are successful in restoring our eugenic personal, social, economic, and political order, we will leave them behind. Just as they fear the mechanical social, economic, and political order, will leave them behind.

This is the intuition of the feminine: that her offspring, the vast majority of which are dead weight on the man, earth, and universe, will not survive competition with their betters, and therefore here genes will not persist. Her emotions are precognitive genetic impulses to favor the child regardless of it’s lack of merit.

The intuition of the masculine: that the genes of the family, clan, tribe and nation must survive competition with other men’s genes through the use of female hosts – despite the fact that women choose mates poorly, that they undermine the alphas, and the polity in pursuit of equality for those who are dead weight to our genes. That they advocate against their men (“sh_t testing”) and that they destroy loyalty and cohesion through gossip.

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