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Judaism and Islam are poly-moral/poly-ethical religions. Westerners are monological and mono ethical/moral. Jewish culture relies upon a low trust (ghetto) moral system and culture. Western culture is a high trust (martial) moral system. Jewish culture produces minimum no commons. Western culture produces maximum commons. Jewish culture produces insular commons. Western culture produces universal commons. Jewish culture seeks to privatize commons. Western Culture prohibits privatization of commons. Jewish culture eschews production over arbitrage. Western culture eschews arbitrage and over production. Jewish culture ignores and costs from externalities. Western culture expressly demands responsibility for externalities. Jewish culture universally allies with the state against the people. Western culture expressly defends against the state (aristocracy).

If you stack the germanic westerners, the mediterranean westerners, the russians, chinese, the jews, and the gypsies, in that order, you move from productive individualistic, to productive clannish, to productive authoritarian, to parasitic tribal, to parasitic clannish civilizations. The only major difference between the gypsies and the jews is the IQ basis and therefore the means of parasitism upon host cultures. The only difference between the chinese and the russian is quality of the bureaucracy. The difference between the protestant and mediterranean west is familial versus militial.

And that is why the jews and arabs are always ostracized: violation of the contract of the commons. It’s not just the jews. It appears that all the peoples who originated in what is Yemen today, but which was ethiopian/arabian civilization in the prehistoric world, never went through the agrarian phase, and retained low trust parasitic pastoralist ethics. Whether it is genetic or not we don’t know yet. We will know in the span of 20-30 years.

And if I am correct it will be that the structure of the brains of the semitic peoples (or at least, the arabic/jewish/ethiopian) peoples who are a subset of the semitic speaking peoples, have either preserved the female brain structure, or reversed gender distribution of it, and as a consequence pursue the female reproductive strategy. Which is about all that is necessary to preserve cultural and genetic differences. Small things in large numbers create vast differences.

I suspect I will be correct in this. The genetic, the hormonal, data and the emerging data on sexual dimorphism is just too consistent. The only major differences between the human races that I an find is the degree of neoteny and the distribution of sexual dimorphism in the body and brain followed by the distribution of the IQ curve. Which leaves the jews as the top semites, then the various arab tribes underneath them. With the turks bridging the gap.

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