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Alexis O’Toole Maddox

Philosophy Investigates the Nature of Reality
The Method of Philosophy can be applied to Any Topic.

The first thing to consider when looking at the overall purpose of a post, is whether it would serve as a good premise.

Premises are philosophy prompts meant to elicit rational argumentation and induce critical thinking.

The overall purpose of an investigative philosophy premise might be:

To Evaluate (Logic/Objectivity)
To Analyze (Describe Concept/Theory/Phenomena)
To Explore (Hypothesize)
To Inform or Explain (Exhibition)
To Define (Stipulation/Description/Function/Essence/Meaning)
To Draw Comparisons and Distinguish Differences
To Criticize (Identify Faulty Logic or Imprecise Criterion)
To Discover (New Justified Knowledge)
To Debunk (Eliminate Disinformation)
To Draw Syllogisms and Analogies (Deduct)
To Highlight Relationships/Connections between ideas
To Report Scientific Observations
To Confirm or Dispute (Support/Challenge)
To Present Evidence (Proof/Bibliography)
To Argue (Validate or Invalidate the truth of a premise)

Conversely, some overall purposes of non-philosophy might be:

To Emote (Display or Cause Emotion)
To Amuse or Entertain (Satire/Trivia/Poetry)
To Persuade or Urge To Act (Religious/Politcal)
To Interpret or Suggest (Opinion/Editorial/Biased Belief)
To Take a Stand (Politcal/Religious)
To Speculate, Predict, or Warn (Propoganda/Rumors)
To Reflect (Ranting/Personal/Social testimony)
To Reassure (Arbitrary Greetings and Salutations)

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