Columbus Day

The barbaric behavior would have been in a way, the natural state of the hispanoamerican republicans, the necessary fruit of the combination of aboriginal cultures that the conquistadors found, with conquest itself and the process of spaniard colonization, and finally with the civil wars that begun with the War of Independence in Venezuela.
Carlos Rangel. From the good savage to the good revolutionary

History of mankind is one of conflict and constant competition for limited resources: Water, earth, food and women. Those who trash Columbus day want to make people believe that the pre columbine societies were much more advanced than the european societies and history has proven that this isn’t the case.
Europeans have proven to be better in these sorts of disputes, conflicts and competences than any other race in the face of the earth, the indigenous peoples were losers, and their friends and successors want europeans to feel sorry, shame and regret for being better than the savages in matters of conquest and exploration.
Vengeful indigenous movementes demand reparations for all the resources extracted from the american continent while ignoring completely that the pre columbine societies were backward, cannibalistic and savage. Neither Spain, nor the West have to feel sorry for nothing, the indigenous (((holocaust))) happened for a series of reasons:

Indigenous peoples were savages that discriminated far worse than the conquistadors.
They did not know the value of precious metals, nor gems because of the backwardness of their own societies not open to cooperation amongst fellow men.
Indigenous peoples sold their territory and lands because they lacked the knowledge to make assessments on these issues.
I’d like to point out that these things are not deemed fair in the development of this text because the term “fair” derives from the architectonics and constructs of european societies.
It is very peculiar that the indigenous, marxist leaning and vengeful can discriminate against everything that has a scent of nationalisms of european-american descent but they look the other way in an arbitrary fashion on the fact that their arguments are the product of analysis of a society with post european traditions of judeo-christian architectonics.

All of the elements that have sustained previous forms of success and european western pride are either in decline or withered to the extreme. What the west must do is to awaken and stop giving terrain to the demands of minorities and other groups that demand from majorities a more liberal mindset.

Spanish conquistadors without GPS, not internal combustion engines threw themselves in boasts to seek for resources and made their way to the american continent, and they did that in a  glorious way, with strength and racial sentiment.
The same racial sentiment that the losers of the conquest war seem to evoke when they mention Tiuna, Guaicaipuro, Moctezuma, Tupac Amaru and the like.
It is very peculiar, unfair and excluding that the ones that lost the war, being sore losers seek to use the elements of grandeur of those who won the war to feel ashamed for putting an end to cannibalistic massacres of pre columbine tribes for everything that they managed to conquer.

Our children are being taught by academia that they pre columbine peoples that lived in the american continent weren’t merciless savages (as Thomas Jefferson would refer to them in the declaration of independence). We must bear in mind that many of these societies worshipped human sacrifice, torture, mutilation and cannibalism.
Liberal academics seek to teach our youth that the pre columbine societies were “spiritually enlightened natives” whose wisdom and peaceful nobility were destroyed by hordes of barbaric europeans.
Academia and its vices of hatefulness towards the west is hellbent on telling the lie that the Aztecs didn’t sacrifice lower tribes in enormous altars of carved stone built with slave labor and they ate the corpses of those murdered in such heinous and overwhelming ways that the mind of a Westerner could hardly grasp nor comprehend.

On another note: Slavery wasn’t introduced into the americas by europeans, the pre columbines already had it in practice, and even though the europeans took a couple of centuries in putting an end to it, it was western civilization that put that practice into practice.
The impulse, the moral strength and drive to put an end to slavery came from within western civilization as an imposition towards less developed civilizations, less open and far more backwards.

¿What kind of life would an african man in his homeland before being brought to the american continent and presented to western civilization?

In the same way that Winston Smith used to delete headlines from newspapers in the Orwell novel “1984”, nowadays we are being pushed into forgetting details of history that fall short of the liberal narrative.
Many of the indigenous peoples that preach and champion socialism and social justice causes in the american continent overlook the fact that if it weren’t for Christopher Columbus, socialism and Karl Marx’s ideas would have never made it to the american continent. If it weren’t for the Spanish Yoke, the american indians would have carried on with the peaceful, spiritual and easy way of killing each other with machetes, eat the flesh of those the died and carried on with their nomadic lifestyles, subsistence agriculture and perpetual warfare.

The conflict that arises out of conquist in which there was a struggle for resources between opposed societies couldn’t have been solved in a civilized way. There was no culture, government, or legal system that the parties involved could share to solve those disputes, and it was the West with its advancements in technology, discovery of law that had to put an end to the dispute by the way of council or by the sword, (a latin principle called “aut consilis, aut ense”.
The idea that Columbus, Cortés and the conquistadors could appeal to sentiments and feelings of common humanity, empathy with the good savages is a sentimental ethnocentric projection that dissipates very quickly when you learn about how the pre columbine indians.

It is really foolish and decadent when western men, that have never have had to subdue entire tribes of savages are forced to morally condemn those men that in a past fought tooth and nail to take the continent for their Kingdom.
Those men who’s blood, swear, tears, pain, broken bones bought peace at a very high cost for the territories over which liberals cry and communists fantasize about by lying to the public by saying that the indians were good savages

Alberto Zambrano



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