Peterson (Teacher) Vs Doolittle (Judge) But Otherwise Very Similar

We teach so that we identify opportunities and avoid pitfalls, and we judge so that we limit opportunities to the reciprocal, and retaliate against profiting from pitfalls.

Peterson : Wisdom (Lit.) Doolittle: Law (Science)

—“Jordan Curt Doolittle Peterson, Kiev Ukraine.?”— TheForging545

Unfortunately, Peterson’s version of ‘Truth’ (as we saw in him crash and burn in the Harris debate) is not Truth in the western (legal) sense, but wisdom in the semitic (literary) sense. While Peterson is unknowingly reconstructing stoicism in literature, I’m knowingly reconstructing it in science, philosophy, and law. 😉 But I can understand the appeal of wisdom and literature over algorithm, science, and law. Intuition is much cheaper and easier than calculation. 😉

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