Status Update: Grammars

From Curt:

I feel the need to apologize to followers for spending so long on grammar. I started in mid August when I realized I had not found a vocabulary for assisting people in understanding inflationary and deflationary vocabulary and grammars.

So I set out on my usual task of creating series (Spectrums) and operational definitions, and produced a (very) large table (spreadsheet) illustrating each of them. It’s one of those things that will take forever to reach the degree of completeness that I feel is necessary, but it’s certainly complete enough to illustrate the meaning of ‘universal grammar’ and the spectrums of deflationary, natural, and inflationary grammars.

For the sake of brevity, given that the term ‘grammar’ refers to rules, I am going to refer to (conflate) the combination of a deflationary vocabulary that serves a particular deflationary grammar, and that grammar and syntax into the single term ‘grammar’ or perhaps ‘dimensional grammar’. Otherwise I’ll have to write “deflated and inflated vocabulary, grammar, and syntax of decidability” over and over again until my fingers bleed. So the english language contains N number of dimensional grammars. Some languages can express the same N number of grammars, and some languages cannot.

Now, this effort took me, what? Seven weeks? But the consequence of that ‘deep dive’ (the frustration I feel during such deep dives never seems to end – i’m lucky they don’t push me into a depression) is that I have produced the vocabulary and narrative that I was looking for – and others need.

So, now I am ‘unstuck’ (at least for now).

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