There Is No Love Like A Band Of Brothers.

Jesus’s insight was that it was possible to extend the brotherly love of the legionaries to the weak and the powerless if he constructed an army of poor pastoralists against the romans, just as the romans had constructed an army of farmers, metalworkers, and traders against the poor pastoralists – forcing them to confront their weakness, the folly of their gods, the folly of their way of life, and the folly of their tribalism. But we must never mistake that christianity was originated, licensed, and imposed as a means of destroying western aristocracy, western myths, morals, ethics, and truth. and that we escaped it.

So, is there anything to be gained then from the single seed of christianity? If christianity is just a hodge-podge collection of ideas the purpose of which was to produce a mythos to compete with the cult of homer(Achilles), the cult of the Emperor(Sol Invictus/Sky Father), or the cult of Mithras(Sky Father)?

Well, yes. Because it produced a religion for women to balance the religion of men. A religion of submission to compete with a religion of dominance. For the first time he created a religion for all: the brotherhood of christian kin.

So is there anything in christianity for our men? Well, we can produce the cult of warriors for the family and the polity that includes our women and children. And we can mature into the cult of warriors. And we can mature into the cult of statesmen.

Women are all equal in their motherhood and keep one another ‘down’. Men are unequal, and form tribes in each caste, just as we form infantry, cavalry, artillery, engineers, and generals in life.

What can unite the masculine and the feminine without the extremes (failure) of each?

A judge of last resort (king), a jury of last resort (judiciary), a market for commons divided by interests (responsibility/ownership), and the natural law of sovereign warriors as the rules of cooperation. And the brotherhood of warriors and kinship of christianity – limited to kin relations.

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