Month: November 2017

  • –“The reflex reaction of Leftists is to silence those with whom they disagree and to rationalize behavior by themselves that they decry (or imagine) in others. They are cry-bully fascists.”— that’s what psychotic women do.

  • ( Dee Eckert. Early teens. Slight mutual attraction. Walks over to talk. Pull a garter snake out of my shirt and hand it to her. Wide eyes. Mouth open. Frozen solid. Can’t even scream. Seconds pass. Runs away, starts screaming, finally comes back to tell me I am horrible. Remember it like yesterday. …. Priceless. )


  • As Far Right As Possible Without Being Wrong

    Well, I don’t do fiction, or moral literature (conflation and inflation), I do science, economics, law, argument and testimony (deflation). So as far as I know I’m as right as possible without being wrong. 😉

  • —“Men not interested in planting Oaks, the shade of which they will never enjoy, should not be invited to the franchise of defense”—Bill Joslin

  • Man stuff: Making women squirm over gross stuff. Fun. Never stops being fun. Ever. Sorry. Just is.

  • —“Women whose instinct is to leave their children with a nanny or in daycare or not have children at all should have no say in the welfare of society. Yet these are the very women assigned to political positions. Women who have put in their time towards raising their little villages, mentored by women before them, have infinite wisdom to […]

  • if you read through our fairy tales,keeping in mind that ‘mother’ was replaced with ‘stepmother’ by victorians, you do not find very kind depictions of mothers. Now, the reason for these characters was, very likely, to teach children that there are far worse mothers out there than the one that they have. But women are not kindly presented in our […]

  • Tales Of Our People: “The Horned Woman”

    TALES OF OUR PEOPLE: “THE HORNED WOMAN” (explanation follows below) A rich woman sat up late one night carding and preparing wool, while all the family and servants were asleep. Suddenly a knock was given at the door, and a voice called, “Open! open!” “Who is there?” said the woman of the house. “I am the Witch […]

  • Retweeted True Pundit (@true_pundit): REVENGE OF THE NERDS: Several Top Google Executives Had Affairs with Subordinate Females —

  • Retweeted CHERUB PRINCE KANTBOT, DUKE OF ALL THE ANGELS (@KANTBOT20K): People banned from entering the UK: Ed Snowden, Martha Stewart, Busta Rhymes, Tyler the Creator, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Donald Trump Decent people welcome in the UK: Actual Terrorists

  • by Igor Rogov The major shift came in the 70s because of massive economical and legal incentives for males and females to switch and/or abandon their social roles which roughly coincides with the final leg of advancement of neo-malthusian theories on at least partial deindustrialisation and tighter population control of the West and fallacious practices of massive government-sponsored […]

  • —“Conditions drive expression of traits. Genetics provide potential and limits, environment drives expression within those limits. Genetics assesses by steady state only, epigenetics provides a causal frame for relations between environment and potential states.”—Bill Joslin

  • Hallmark is single handedly restoring the studio model. Fascinating.

  • Bitcoin Criticisms – Not The Idea, The Marketing And The Execution

    My criticisms of BTC are technical. In other words, it’s not with the idea, it’s with the money claims and the execution. If you ask david, I’ve gone into any number of applications of the technology for civic purposes. Title registries, fractional shares of credit streams, fractional shares of new business issues, replacement of check cashing services by issuing payroll […]

  • —The pan suppression of masculinity, coupled with dietary/environmental induced hormone imbalance has contributed to undermine the natural check and balance the males provided for the females of the species. Without that check and balance, women have become cancerous to the body of society they rely on to survive.”— Anne Summers

  • by Bill Joslin —“With any social animal, weak leadership results in stress throughout the herd/pack. If leadership is in doubt all members stand up and try to take control (as much out of necessity as with the desire to dominate). Essentially – “Someones gotta lead”…. so, issues with feminine tactics being prevalent in social temperament isn’t so much […]

  • —“I have just stopped paying attention to the trials and tribulations of people who I think should be dead.”— Russell Berry

  • I depend on women all the time in personal, private, and political life, and that I find that women (and gays) provide valuable insight. I see no harm in this model, since, (as simon stated above) it would be impossible for women to use ‘female’ (deceptive) speech in public, and that this would cause a change in our […]

  • —“And if we all took care of our own people rather than exporting costs onto other people by any form of colonization (conquest, religion, immigration), then the world would be a more decent place.”— Quote Repeated by Howard Van Der Klauw

  • The Only Sovereignty

    The only sovereignty, is the militia, of all men of property, who provide one another with reciprocal insurance of sovereignty under the natural law of reciprocity.

  • by Simon Ström —“I need to comment on the differential distribution of traits between races, because although I agree with it otherwise, I don’t think Curt’s model is complete. Genetic traits are not merely more or less frequent among different groups; they are often also entirely fixed (everybody in group X has it) or completely weeded out […]

  • —“I think Curt attempts to bully those who construct a narrative by pointing at any given hostile minority and signalling low agency: “They did this and they are responsible for that – but I refuse to take stock of my own inventory of active measures, and my history of not using them properly.” And rightly so. […]

  • RE: “You’re either a soulless heartless ‘man’ that ignores all female manipulation, or an easily manipulable tool (good man), or a sexual predator.” —“Why not all three? Set limits as necessary. Indulge as possible. And unleash the predator when it’s appropriate.”– Eli Harman

  • —“Speaking truth to power when it truly matters can render someone a perceived high threat, especially if in response to someone else’s bad behaviours towards that someone. Doing so often makes us “bad” and “aggressive” because, yes, we won’t submit to being good as you characterise it, as being someone’s mere tool. Tools are expended and dispensed of.”— Davin […]