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—“Yet the entire pantheon of liberal philosophy and economics admits itself to be based on metaphysical unknowns, they state quite clearly that their forms aren’t empirical. So from the emergence of liberalism and capitalism what do we find? An overload of justification to why some supposed metaphysical unknowns justifies the existence of private property and the preservation of old, clearly predatory, capital.”—Gage Benson

They are based upon actionability, voluntary reciprocity, non parasitism, contract : eugenics. in other words possible contract in testable terms as a means of defeating universal parasitism.

They are based on the use of merit to concentrate capital.
They mirror evolution.

And the success of western and eastern civs is due to evolution: superior neoteny through continuous contraction of the lower margin. this process allows for an increase in the normative means.

You presume equality by demand for certainty as a means of preserving opportunity or parasitism. they demand action in furtherance of capital concentration via reciprocity as the test of truth ( existential certainty). they accelerate to save, while you decelerate to consume. you demand consumptive opportunity, they demand retention of production from risk. they force evolution, and you force devolution.

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