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“Time” is the new pseudoscience.

The faster we move through that space the slower we experience relative change. The shower we move through space, the faster we experience relative change. We are always in motion. The higher the gravity (density) the slower the relative change. The lower the gravity the faster the relative change. As far as I know the universe (space) that we exist within is expanding. Expanding at something approaching the speed of light. The speed of light appears to be the maximum rate of expansion at our current pressure, but the rate of expansion appears to have been higher at earlier pressure. Would the rate of change been different at higher pressure and higher velocity – as far as I know it was the same. So the rate of change at any point in the universe is determined by the rate of expansion minus the local density of space time that creates the opposite of expansion: gravity. So the fact that we experience entropy (change) faster or slower does not mean that time (change) ever stops, only that maximum and minimum rates of time change are existentially possible. Nor does it mean that it’s reversible. So when a physicist proposes that time is an illusion that’s nonsense. Memory allows us to differentiate between a sequence of states. And the rate of change that we call time varies depending upon relative velocity. And yes you can slow time down at higher velocity, although it is extremely expensive to do so (and dangerous). And yes you can speed time up at higher density. But it is expensive to do so (and dangerous). So the conflation of space and time into space time is a half truth. The truth is we have no idea what happens to the rate of change (speed of time) at the margins. It is possible that time has no meaning outside of expansion or contraction. But it is more likely that rates of time (change) are consistent and that expansion(faster) and contraction (slower) merely alter that rate of change. Similarly it is very difficult to believe that our universe is the only universe and that other universes don’t behave by the same laws. But for scientific purposes at the scale of our ability to act, it is certainly better science to assume we are alone than to envision standing on the backs of turtles ‘all the way down”.

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