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I’m using it to refer to a technology: (overloading):

(The Conflation of (a)history and myth, (b)wisdom and law, (c)mysticism and supernaturalism, (d) truth and utility) > Pilpul > ( Judaism > Christianity > Islam ) > ( French literary) > (German/Kantian Rationalism) > Ashkenazi Pseudoscience (Marx, Boaz, Freud, Cantor, Mises, and the entire Frankfurt school)) > Jewish/Soviet Propagandism (russians still practice it) > (and then once the ashkenazi pseudoscientific counter-enligthenment failed, French literary v2 : Postmodernism – they just resorted to outright lying and suppression of truth.).

Effectively Pilpul was invented for the purpose of textual interpretation (hermeneutic and textual equivalent of numerology and astrology) which uses overloading to ‘find in anything what we wish to find there’).

I mean, between The first abrahamic disaster (christianity and islam) and it’s following abrahamic dark age of 250M dead, and the second abrahamic disaster (the counter enlightenment) culminating in marxism-socialism’s 100M dead, and postmodernism’s current disaster that this is putting upon the west in the current century, then abrahamism is the cause of more death and destruction than all but malaria and the plague.

Abrahamism is has done more damage to humanity than any other human invention.

So that is what I work on. How to eliminate the ability to use overloading to in verbal (common speech), philosophical(rational) textual(hermeneutic), scientific (pseudoscience) and

The technique is generally held under the term “Fictionalism” but this does not provide insight into the historical origins of the art of lying – pilpul.

Nor does it help western civilization understand the importance of our discovery of deflationary truth, and the reason for western excellenc ein the ancient and modern worlds: truth.

The very truth that postmodernists seek to suppress under the rubric of politically correct speech.

So, the problem for westerners is the remnant of Abrahamism in both religious and pseudo intellectual forms.

And since we have dragged humanity out of ignorance and poverty twice now, perhaps we are strong enough to correct the abrahamic technique of deception forever, and restore the world once again – saving it from yet another abrahamic dark age.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine.

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