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Other Great Reasons for Life in Ukraine. Holidays. There is a holiday about every three days in Ukraine. (Really). But the winter is the best.

Christmas Shops open by the 1st of December.
St Nicholas Day is on the 15th. (Think of it as santa’s day).
Pagans can do the solstice.
Catholic Christmas on the 25th.
New Year’s Day on the 1st.
Orthodox Christmas on the 7th.
Old New Year’s on the 14th.
So basically you celebrate for six weeks straight.
Nothing gets done.
It’s …. wonderful.

Of course, while food and internet cost nothing, you have to live on cash, because the banks never work, half of them are on the verge of bankruptcy, the ATM’s run out of cash frequently. The network goes down frequently. People steal your card number at every opportunity and sell it to indonesian or other low trust countries. Gas (Petrol) is 4x as expensive. And surprisingly, apartments are ridiculously overpriced.

And, I would much rather worry about that kind of thing than the internecine warfare and vast underclass burden that is a substitute for american social order….

I remember a homogenous america. And it was infinitely better.

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