(diary) broke my brain today. I cannot afford to take the time to dive even deeper into the topology of meaning. And even if I do, I think that is a completely different project. As far as I know, I will not make a meaningful improvement upon operational grammar by getting down into the geometry of that level of complexity. So even though that evil machine in my head obsesses over it, I’m at the point of diminishing returns. The end result of going deeper will be contributing the the development of artificial intelligence, and not law. And while I really want to explore that problem, all I will do is justify operational grammar. and I really don’t think it requires justification. I am better off working at the level of programming languages than mathematics, because that is the lowest level that is applicable to the outcomes. And frankly, I don’t think anyone gives a damn if I go deeper. So, at least today, I am going to fight my autistic machine and just say that I’m leaving that level of detail for later work. And I can spend my old age working on it if I want to – unless someone gets there first. Ergo, I am going to try to complete the work now using this level of precision and bear the criticism of any formalists by saying that I just can’t take another two or three years to work through that level of detail.

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