Western Man Does Not Ask The Capitalism Vs Socialism Question: It”s A Cosmopolitan Dichotomy.


The question of capitalism vs socialism is not a western question – It’s a Cosmopolitan Question. Westerners have always been homogenous and therefore could afford to be communitarian but we have done so by tripartism: classes.

The agrarian and industrial revolutions made it possible to shift vast numbers between the economic classes even if we maintained our genetic and social classes. The automation and information revolution is to some degree, reversing this trend.

And the wealth made possible by that shift created the illusion of difference between the classes in ability, rather than in consumption.

The western question is not capitalism vs communism.

The western question is the limits of discretion. We have all preferred the results of aristocratic production of commons, as long as aristocracy limited itself to rule of law by natural law.

We had only tradition, not science, to explain it to us. And we lacked the economics to measure it.

We don’t any longer.

So quite the opposite from what we intuit, we are in an even better position today to restore the optimum political order: a large number of monarchies competing for status and revenue produced by creating optimum markets to attract different distributions of classes of citizens.

It is extremely difficult to produce a single poly economic order. It is very simple to produce a market for economic orders.

The reason being that peoples with different abilities require different political orders.

Hence my concern with what I call ‘nationalism’ or ‘homogeneity’. Meaning: people with common kin class and economic interests.

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