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—“The origins of the Left and its core appeal I would still see in the sect of Progressive protestantism; it is a vision of humanity divided into elect / pure-of-heart pastors, leading the flock of the rest of us to the land of prosperity. This is what the progress is all about – to establish the millennial kingdom of God on earth.

Opposing these pastors and sheep are the wolves and false leaders, henceforth the escalating religious fervour of the political debate as soon as the Left see the progress stalled in some way or the progressive sheepherders removed from the positions of power or their purity questioned.

It is a FALSEHOOD to start with, but very attractive and persistent one.”—Igor Rogov

Well, I would say the origins of the left are in Abrahamism in the ancient world, and it’s persistence in the medieval, and modern world. And that whether it’s supernatural, pseudo-rational, or pseudoscientific, is irrelevant.

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