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by Eli Harman

“I will offer that it is not “white knighting” to simply call out bad ideas; just as it is not “white knighting” to interfere in an act of domestic abuse. When one individual seeks to dominate another individual, regardless of the specific characteristics of these individuals, it is incumbent upon those who actually believe in liberty to speak out. Believe it or not some people are more concerned with what is right and good than with what others think of them.”

Most people demonstrably prefer dominance hierarchies, even dominance hierarchies they aren’t at the top of. You would have to coerce them, violating your own principles, in order to override that preference. You’re unlikely to persuade them.

A stable dominance hierarchy passes along enough benefits, even to those near the bottom, to secure their willing support.

What do you offer people? Freedom and responsibility most of them can’t handle, don’t want, and wouldn’t know what to do with? Good luck selling that.

What is right: imaginary.
What is good: subjective.
What others think of you: not the be all end all, but of more consequence than your autistic brain weights it.

Of course, some people just like to kick sh_t over or burn it down. And there is no problem with suppressing such troublemakers, if what they are trying to upset is of value to most. Then it just becomes a question of who will prevail.

Every so often, the status quo really is rotten and corrupt, and won’t survive that clash. Now is probably one of those times. But you don’t have the medicine we need.

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