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—“Curt, I’m a female with autism, what does that make me?”— A Friend

It makes you a female with autism. Just as it makes a male with psychosis just a male with psychosis.

When I say (or Baron Cohen says), Female Psychotic or Solipsistic vs Male Aspergers or Autistic, we are only saying that the distribution of brain structures from the conflationary fast growth, to the deflationary slow growth, tend to be distributed in what we consider ‘normal’ individuals, by gender. We associate these brain structures with the dominant distribution of those brain structures.

For example, homosexuality, at least in males is most likely an in utero developmental defect. For women, they are always more ‘fungible’ with regard to sexuality. But ‘butch’ lesbians are fairly identifiable as having more masculine personalities.

Two say that there are only two genders is true. To say that there are wide distributions of gender traits is something else. To say that gender norms are determined by both genetic, in utero, developmental, habituation (circumstantial demand, or training), or mental illness (developmental failure) is simply obvious.

I love being an aspie with other aspies. I love being a normie with normies. I prefer to be with both. The primary problem for aspies is finding each other so that we can develop relationshipos. And then finding women we can mate with and reproduce.

Thankfully we have internet and internet dating.

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