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—” Is there any data out there about the heritability of Asperger’s? I wonder if two Aspies breed, would their offspring likely regress to the mean? Or can we create a breakaway autistic civilization?”— Joseph Bugajski

(a) it’s heritable,
(b) it can be affected by the age of the father’s sperm,
(c) there are a huge number of related genes, just as there are a huge number of genes that affect intelligence,
(d) it also appears to be in-utero and post-birth since identical twins do not end up both autistic, and forebrains grow a LOT in aspies during the first year after birth.
(e) if we define maturity as ‘completing of brain organization that makes use of all available cerebral functions”, an aspie will reach the same social maturity as a neurotypical 3-4 at age 8-9. An aspie will socially mature in his late twenties or even early thirties. But he will be VERY VERY VERY much faster (have superpowers) compared to normies in exchange for that delayed maturity. Just as boys have analytic superpowers in relation to girls, and just as girls have superpowers in social sensitivity in relation to boys.

The spectrum is quite broad, from ‘a touch’ to people like me, to people like Gates, to people who have pervasive social problems, to various degrees of autistic.

My view looks like this:

|| Crazy Girls < Sensitive Girls < Girls < > Boys > Aspies > Autistics ||

Some girls mature very early.
A girl matures earlier than a boy
Some boys mature earlier than others (africans, middle easterners, west asians)
A boy matures later
An aspie matures later.
An autistic basically cannot ever mature – integration appears impossible.

I mean. It’s pretty much that simple.

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