—“Thus saith the lord our God, who is truth and nature in all it’s forms, I command yee to walk in truth and in accordance with the laws of nature which are my laws as I am nature and nature is me. Be yee sovereign as I am sovereign for I am thy example and nature is all around thee to witness truth and reality unto you continually. Do not give in to temptation and mysticism for it will consume that truth which is in you and yee cannot serve two masters. Know that mysticism in its many forms are for the machinations of man to get power and gain over the hearts of man to lead them astray and drag them down by the chains of hell and lies. Follow that which is true and heaven will unfold unto you on earth line upon line until my kingdom is established in its due time because of reciprocity, truth, markets, sovereignty, and all that is just and martial. “.— Hreodbeorht Røe

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