Actions As Constant Relations

(important concept)

Identity Consists of a set of Constant Relations (Properties) – all the way up from the senses and all the way down from our ideas.

Identity is discovered by free association, followed by elimination of non-constant relations. (falsification)

Commensurability can be produced by use of a third reference that renders more than one referent measurable by another. (money, length, space, volume, current).

Numbers consist of nothing more than names of positions and as such can refer to any constant positional relation, and as such we achieve scale independence. And as such numbers allow us to produce commensurability of most if not all phenomenon.

All complex phenomenon consists of multiple, and often very dense causal relations and produce semi-constant intermediary relations. And we put our primary effort into determining which of those relations both direct and intermediary contribute to the production of changes in state and which of them do not.

Humans possess marginally indifferent senses, emotions, and physical capabilities – at least in the sense that we differ in amplitude rather than existence. And for this reason we can imitate (act), sympathize (think), and empathize (feel) one another’s actions, thoughts, and emotions sufficiently to cooperate on means and ends.

But it rarely occurs to us that while we cannot equate our valuations and therefore emotions, and we cannot equate our understanding unless reduced to a series of simple decidable propositions, we CAN equate actions, the five senses, and simple logical vs illogical relations. And as such, we CAN equate any statements represented as a series of actions that change state.

In other words, just as prices consist of money and numbers, and those prices create create commensurability between goods, so can our perceptions and actions produce statements that provide commensurability regardless of our knowledge, understanding, and ability.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev Ukraine

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