Aristocratic Capitalism Vs Ghetto Capitalism

If you advocate reciprocity under rule of law you MUST end up with moral capitalism. If you advocate capitalism in and of itself you will end up with immoral capitalism.

The greatest trick the devil every played was convincing us he didn’t exist?

The greatest trick in antiquity was convincing us that gods exist. There are no gods(goods) among us, but devils(evils) are everywhere.

The greatest trick in modernity is convincing us that the argument is to ends (capitalism vs socialism) rather than means (discretionary rule vs rule of law).

By selling ends rather than means they circumvent the problem of means: there are no gods, there are an infinite number of possible devils, and rule of law prohibits devils and leaves room for the goods to flower.

Capitalism results from the suppression of all parasitism under the rule of natural law of reciprocity.

Moral Capitalism is the result of rule of law. Immoral (Ghetto) capitalism is the result of arbitrary rule, by alternatives to reciprocity.

All alternatives to natural law of reciprocity, including the NAP, are nothing but attempts to propose an alternative to reciprocity, and therefore create immoral capitalism – (ghetto capitalism).

Hayek was right.

The natural law of reciprocity, the common law of torts, and the militia are the source of moral trade. The moment we talk about anything other than rule of law, and even mention capitalism, we are in fact engaging in an attempt at ghetto ethics and we pay the price of ghetto ethics: the destruction of rule of law.

And Rothbard’s ghetto ethics yields ghetto capitalism, and it is the entire world that rails against ghetto capitalism. Yet on balance, it is ghetto capitalism that we practice today. Ever since Disraeli converted the british empire from a moral one under rule of law to a financial one under capitalism – and then america picked up the remains.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev Ukraine.

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