Autistic Speciation

Since human intellectual advantage is the result of pedomorphism(neoteny, juvenilization) giving us more time to mature.

Since the variations between the races are largely in the success or failure at pedomorphism given the climate.

Since the male matures more slowly than the female, and that autism appears to be the exacerbation of that male (compartmentalized) brain.

Since the autistic mind has 60%+ more neurons, and likewise an equally high density of branches due to less neural pruning.

Since the autistic brain continues to grow in the prefrontal cortex during the first year of growth (and there is less pruning).

Since in my experience, as an aspie, most of us simply take longer to develop ‘mature’ minds, because we are less dependent on genetic intuition, and more dependent upon reason.

Since aspies get along wonderfully with one another.
It’s my opinion that ASPINESS much like benevolent psychopathy, and greater neoteny is the beginning of human speciation.

The principle issue is that it is cheap to organize by emotion, and expensive to organize by fact.

So aspies (homo sapiens-aspie) are more expensive than prior generations of human. but then, each generation of human has been less expensive and less productive than the current version of human.

Again. Insulation allows for speciation.

Fight to speciate.

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