Clarity (Time)

—“We are constantly moving through spacetime but we just trade movement in time for movement in space and vice versa, just like a function in cartesian space trades position in the x axis for position in the y axis. Gravity is reducible to a change in the elasticity of that trade.”—Thomas Wiltshire


Today. One philosopher and four physicists debating time, and sounding like a bunch of chipmunks. The underlying question is whether what we call time (rate of change) is merely altered by the expansion and contraction of space, or whether it is a product of the expansion and contraction of space.

I can’t understand logically how it can be the latter, and still produce a dynamic universe of ANY kind.

And as far as i know that is the the question, and we can’t answer it.

But saying that time doesn’t exist is just pseudoscience. And we don’t know more than that (that I know of). And I haven’t ever encountered anything in physics that I can’t understand once we state it operationally.

The universe is not complicated it is merley causally dense with operations (symmetries) forming by coincidence at increasingly complex (dense) levels.

I have seen nothing in the universe at ALL that cannot be represented mathematically and geometrically once we understand the prevailing forces.

The history of human knowledge expansion is this: everything is far more simple than we intuit. It’s people who are complicated. Because most of what we do is ‘lie’.

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