How Do You Define Philosophy?

Philosophy. Mindfulness. Dominance over the mind in the face of the unknown. Using grammar of technology. Tech(philio) vs Fiction(religion). Deflation vs Inflation. Mindfulness was necessary at ‘worry’ post-human-scales. All civ’s encountered demand for mindfulness as scale increased – and trust decreased. All about the same time. Probably due to trade. Westerners used competing (class) variants of mindfulness. Science can in fact provide mindfulness for those with the ‘ability’. Sport, Family, Work, Ritual, Wealth, Science Philosophy/Reason, Fiction, Religion. All can provide mindfulness (Disciplined thought in the face of the unknown/complexity). The principle problem of scale was creating mindfulness through trust. The only question is whether one’s form of mindfulness encouraged adaptation (philosophy > reason > science) or discouraged it (religion > abrahamism).

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