Let’s Get A Little More ‘Woke’ Today: Raising Men

Ok. so let’s get a little ‘woke’ today, shall we?

There are always, at all times, an excess of about 1/3 of men in each of the sizable social classes.

There are three frames of reference available to men: the physical, the mental, and the emotional. Think of them as an equilateral triangle with emotional on the lower left, physical on the lower right, and intellectual as the vertical between them. Each of us feels some intensity between these three points. Effectively this is the left female brain (conflation) and the right male brain (deflation), with intelligence heavily influencing either left or right bias.

There are around five dimensions of the prey drive, and five chemical (biological) reward systems underneath them. These five systems roughly correspond to the five factors of personality, and each of those five factors divides into a spectrum that appears an artifact of the masculine-feminine line above, and when combined with the triangle above, these factors determine our ‘personalities’.

By personality, we mean the weight that is attached to each of the personality traits, the bias between the male and female brain, and the mitigating effect of intelligence.

For obvious reasons we pursue information by the cheapest available route – where we obtain the greatest reward at the lowest cost. While I could at this point also cover the rather small set of dimensions that describe our emotional ranges, this simple analysis sufficiently explains the full suite of human differences in perception.

Now, if you’ve been following me long enough, you know that I interpret this huge spectrum of ‘sensitivities’ as an evolutionary advantage that after reproductive differences was our first and most significant division of labor. and that through cooperation we collectively adapt to whatever sensitivity is of the most advantage at the time. And that trade, money, prices, contracts, and the law of reciprocity have allowed us to infinitely expand this sensory information system.

Furthermore, while the female/synthetic brain seeks group cohesion with low tolerance for disruption of the status quo, the male analytic brain seeks individual advantage despite disruption of the status quo. And while most of us possess a mixture of these traits, some of us evolved into the extremes.

So we see females forming a single cross-pack network, and males forming a hierarchy of teams or hunting packs.

Now the reason humans evolved is that we have constantly extended childhood giving us room for intellectual and nervous system maturity (learning).

Men mature more slowly than women – much more slowly. The more compartmentalized the brain (male) the more slowly it takes to grow into coherence. The faster we mature the faster we reach coherence. At the point of coherence we cease intuitionistic adaptability.

So for many men we are seeking a framework in life far longer than women seek any framework. Moreover we have a much reduced sensory system to do so with.

So while a teenage girl is effectively ‘crazy’ as her body adapts to the brain necessary for relentless caretaking of children – hypersensitivity, a teenage boy’s brain is turning off sensations that require him to continue to learn ‘about the world outside of him’.

For women, without children to care for, teamwork in caring for children, they danger is solipsism (and we see this everywhere in america). F

For men, this is a terrible problem outside of tribal life of hunter gatherers, or outside of military life of soldiers – because we have no longer any method other than sports teams to ‘divide the mental labor’ of the pack.

In a pack or team there is high value in specialization, and high value in hierarchy, and high value in numbers. And men are not incognizant of their ‘real’ value to one another. We just do not take advantage of it. Loyalty is too valuable.

So we are literally causing damage to men and women by grouping them into school systems with others sharing the same insanities, rather than distributing them across society so that they learn what cannot be taught except by experience: socialization. Sports teams, and soldieries work for men, and the work force works for women. But what does not work is a 14 year old that has throughout all of history joined lower adulthood, put into what is the equivalent of a prison system that arguably teaches nothing that cannot be taught in one hour a day. (I started working holidays at seven – really, had a paper route and worked after school and holidays at 12. And had a part time job at 15 because it was legal to bag groceries. I tell people I had a ten year jump on them in business. And it was true. )

Now, the problem is that like any random generator, this system breaks down, producing a fairly large number of disposable assets (people) along the margins. Yet we no longer have a means for disposing of them. (Dysgenia).

About a third of women are undesirable, but not necessarily disposable. About a third of men are desirable and indispensable. About two thirds of men are undesirable and disposable. That is what the genetic record tells us. Marriage is the tool by which we redistributed reproduction to the disposable and undesirable. This has been pacifying, but dysgenic. Even if marriage was, in reality, a necessity of property and therefore a class signal that many desired to imitate.

The markets for survival and reproduction should, at any given time limit undesirable outliers. Unfortunately, we live in an era where undesirable outliers can both survive, may even reproduce, and now they can associate and collect.

Men and women reach different forms of anti-social behavior. The difference is that gossip – the weapon of women, is less immediately dangerous (and far easier to ignore) than than violence – the weapon of men.

We are under serving our men, and over-serving our women.

But the truth is – we evolved to do just that.

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