Locke(english) Vs Kant(german)

by Daniel Gurpide

See the contrast between Locke’s and Kant’s modern approaches to the education of children (a long term strategic project).

On the themes of:

  • 1/ MOTIVATION: education as DUTY (Kant) versus education as delight (Locke).
  • 2/ DISCIPLINE: education for OBEDIENCE (K) versus education for liberty (L).
  • 3/ CHARACTER: education via IMPOSED discipline (K) versus education by setting an INSPIRED example (L).

Obedience is the fundamental for Kant, connecting all the way back to overcoming the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden: disobedience.

Duty is primary, we should do things because we are supposed to, not because we want to: that is the key life lesson.

Of course, kids will be kids and so often disobedient. Every transgression in a child is a want of obedience, and this brings punishment with it: school as a place that quenches any joy you might have.

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