Look. I Won’t Get On The Anti-Anyone Bandwagon. I Prosecute Ideas, Arguments, Falsehoods, And Lies.

We must all advocate for our kin first. Yes. But small-state nationalism is the answer.

—“…if you’re not racist…”– A ‘friend’

Racial Realism is very different from racism (criticism of others). Other races or tribes, or cults, or parties are only a problem if YOU LET THEM BE.

The primary difference between the races appears to be degree of neotonic evolution, and the degree of suppression of the reproduction of the underclasses.

The higher the distribution (suppression of the underclass) and the higher the neoteny (slowing of maturity) the greater the trust, the higher the velocity, the greater the production of knowledge and wealth.

As far as I know, that’s the science.

My opinion remains: if you’re bitching about others you’re just like some woman gossiping because she doesn’t like her position in the status hierarchy.

If you say act to alter that condition for the preservation of your kin, and your status, due to the competitive advantage of your elites, by changing yourself, your government, to preserve that advantage from competitors, then that’s just boring ordinary scientific rationality.

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