Reminder: I’m A Scientist, Classist And Nationalist Not A Racist

I have a huge backlog of friend requests from around the world, and it takes me about five minutes to research each person’s profile, and look them up on the internet before I accept. The reason being that we have postmodernists, christians, muslims, and jews that ‘stalk’ us in numbers and try to get us ‘banned’.

So let me remind everyone:

I don’t give a damn about race other than I want to see my people continue to drag humanity kicking and screaming out of ignorance, poverty, disease, mysticism, and tyranny.

And I love my people as all of us should love our people. And if we all took care of our own people rather than exporting costs onto other people by any form of colonization (conquest, religion, immigration), then the world would be a more decent place.

I am an anti-abrahamist (jewish, christian, muslim) and an avowed eugenicist. But I am not a racist. Whatsoever.

I don’t care what part of the world you are from. all I care is that our only ‘cult’ is ‘aristotle’ (truth, science).

And if you will fight with me in the battle for Sovereignty for self, family, kin, and nation, against the forces of violence, deceit, and corruption, then we are brothers in my mind, forever.

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