The Left, Psychoticism, Agency, And Infantilization

1) Leftists beliefs are linked to Psychoticism.
2) Leftists reversed the data and published the oft-cited falsehood that linked it with conservatism.
3) It’s taken five years to correct it, even though the error was obvious.

Now, given that leftism (lower agency, greater consensus, higher signaling) is an expression of the female brain structure, and that women dominate the Psychotic spectrum, this should have been an obvious conclusion (it was to me). But the same phenomenon that creates female critical psychologism, creates psychosis, and creates liberal tendencies.

The crazy-chick phenomenon is real, and the much higher mental illness among women is real, just as male criminality is real, and male dominance of autism is real by 4 to 1.

The fact that conservatives fail to grasp that fundamentally we are talking about a difference in agency, and worse, that we are talking about a difference in maturity, is a factor of the false discourse of equality.

It is merely a fact that conservatism = adulthood, and liberalism = infantilization. The fact that the infantilized mind requires and desires parenting is not something we should discuss any longer.

We must return to rule, to paternalism, to demonstration of agency if we are to preserve western gains, and prevent the devolution of the arab world, the stagnation of the hindu world, and the Brazilification of the modern world, in western civilization.

Rule or be ruled.

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