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Conspiracy requires self awareness which in turn requires agency. Yet most hostile groups are merely advancing their group evolutionary strategy by repetition of memes having little to do with truth, and a great deal to do with utility. Western man differs from all the rest, because our group evolutionary strategy and truth and utility are identical.

This group strategy is possible if and only if one’s group is in fact SUPERIOR. Why? Because the result of truth, sovereignty, and voluntary reciprocity is the production of markets in every dimension of human relation. And those who compete and succeed in markets that require full voluntary reciprocity across time and free of retaliatory externality are empirically, scientifically, genetically superior. That is all you must know about any people. The more scientific their truth, the more sovereignty, the more exclusive their reciprocity, the greater the opportunity for contract, the more trust, the more prosperity, the more advanced technologies, and the greater utility of a people small in number to concentrate capital rather than rely on pure numbers.

And the opposite applies as well. As a westerner, you do not understand your group evolutionary strategy – you only intuit ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Other groups are the same. They don’t so much conspire as act in the self interest of their group evolutionary strategy.

So groups need not conspire so much as express a conspiracy of common interest – entirely by accident. Women do not intentionally conspire against their men – they sh_t test them constantly out of reproductive necessity, and allow those men to be conquered and replaced if they fail.

(((Other))) groups demonstrate the feminine group evolutionary strategy. Both women and (((some others))) are valuable resources. But you must not fail their sh-t tests. In other words, you are only defeated by failure to defend against the sh-t tests of your women, your economy, your polity, your civilization, the natural world, and the physical universe.

So stop failing.

Rule by truth, sovereignty, reciprocity, and markets in everything. And Break. Burn. Fight. Kill everything that interferes. That is the level of sh-t test you are operating under.


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