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Many thinkers produce meaningful methods of categorization. Few thinkers produce those that are continuously correspondent (causal) and meaningful. It isn’t something that I want to look into, but just as I was able to explain meyers briggs in terms of big five, I am pretty sure I could do the same with Wilber.

In other words, there are many systems with explanatory power, but few if any that survive use in DEDUCTION.

Any ‘true’ model must survive deduction.

When we say a statement is either true or false, that is itself false. A statement is either true or false for the purpose of deduction in the comparison of two or more statements.

The “TRUTH” is that statements are either false (certain), true(contingent), undecidable, incoherent, or unknown(Null).

Logical ‘means’ that constant relations are preserved between the two states. The problem is, we must deflate quite a bit to isolate and understand the constant relations that we are measuring.

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