Propertarianism And Its Discontents (Sic)


So far Propertarianism has spun off a number of groups, and affected change on related philosophical schools.

However, what does not seem to ‘spin off’ is the reduction of all thought and action to economic language of gains, losses and incentives.

I explain traditions in economic prose that is merely an extension of physical science.

The reason others don’t take this with them, being that most folks are looking for mindfulness (stoic exit) or fulfillment (romantic exit) or some sort of justification for their intuitions (philosophical exit), or excuse for lack of competitive ability (fictional exit). They’re looking for exit – not responsibility.

They are not looking for a METHOD OF RULE that produces superior competition for the group, and superior rewards for rulers, or competitive transcendence (meaning evolution and speciation) of man.

Aristocracy = Rule by the Best, Continuous Competitiion, and as a result Continuous Evolution, resulting in Speciation and Transcendence – all of it at a higher standard of living, and therefore with greater agency.

A religion that provides mindfulness in the personal, interpersonal, and political realms, to those what want the benefits of aristocracy without the responsibility, is only interesting to me so far as it provides means of producing that mindfulness in favor of action, of competition, of invention, of transcendence – not by exit, but by responsibility.

Eat The Weak.

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