A Lesson In Shedding Silly Ideas : Do.

It is very hard to tell certain truths to certain groups of people. They may be friends, or partners, or allies, or people you just care about. And it’s in your interest to treat one another as peers, so that trust can reciprocate.

But the reality is, that unless you have achieved a certain degree of perfect independence, and a certain amount of time managing hundreds if not thousands of people, you really are about as ignorant as your average liberal bimbo.

Unless you have survived as an entrepreneur, or ceo or equivalent at some scale, have accumulated financial independence, and have an iq in the 130’s or more, and because of your survival – your need to think and function empirically – you are no longer able to harbor fantasies about yourself, others, this world, or other bits of 20th century normative nonsense, you are kind of …. stupid really, from the perspective of the big boys.

A woman can no longer harbor fantasies when she has three or more children. A man can no longer harbor fantasies about the world when he has fifty employees. And he can no longer harbor fantasies about human beings when he has two hundred. And he can no longer harbor fantasies about himself when he has five hundred. At but a few thousand employees you are largely a calculator that cannot err without tragic consequences for everyone.

I know that from the major capitalist’s perspective I can come across as idealistic and naive – an artist. For the simple reason that I want to pursue bigger, longer returns than the major investment community is able to rationally choose to participate in. I am an artist and philosopher dressing as an entrepreneur for a host of reasons.

I understand the passions of young men, and in particular the struggles of those ‘on the spectrum’ who mature late, but because they do so extend their period of learning so that they can continue to develop deeper insights.

And it’s cathartic for me to help others when there was no such help available for me.

So sometimes, it is very hard to be silent.

But the truth is, that men of achievement act, are not lost, are not uncertain, and are not searching. They do. And after having done, they achieve fulfillment. But having done nothing it is very hard to discover it.

Learn to fight. Master a craft. Build a family. Join people building a business, build a business, accumulate capital. Accumulate friends and relationships. Accumulate experiences. Accumulate power and influence – or – accumulate relationships with those that do.


Because you cannot find fulfillment in anything meaningful if you’re ignorant, stupid, and have a head full of childish nonsense.

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