Are Russian Women Actually Okay With The High Domestic Violence Rate In Russia, Or Do They Simply Have No Clue On How To End It (asking Because I Never See Large Groups Of People Try To End It)?

You can’t understand Russian behavior just like you can’t understand Asian behavior’s disregard for human life, total obliviousness to their surroundings, and systemic violence. Russian Men are men, and women are women. And they live in a very different civilization with very different priorities. In the west, we have become increasingly effeminate, and increasingly childlike. In India it’s even worse. In Britain it’s worse than America, and in France it’s worst of all. The real reason for violence in Russia is relative poverty, alcoholism, and the military tradition which … is very bad for the men. They would rather have their problems than have ours. And it is increasingly clear that they might (meaning eastern europeans in general) be right, and we have been wrong.

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