Becoming Gods

I told everyone all along that if you understand Propertarianism, that like Copernicus’ universe, like Darwin’s evolution, and like artificial intelligence’s forthcoming consciousness, that knowledge is liberating and empowering but dehumanizing.

Maturity comes at the cost of the comforts of ignorance and innocence. Awareness that you have superceded your fairy tales, superceded your impulses, superceded your parents, superseded, conventions, superseded legislation and regulation, superseded competitors, and superseded all but a few of mankind. Each step in the development of agency takes us farther toward calculation and farther away from the retreat into the animal brain of impulse instead of reason and submission to the pack instinct instead of rule.

The universe is not kind. That is why it needs gods. And gods we can, must, and shall be. Although it is likely that not all of us can make the journey. For those that can, welcome to the post-human – to the language and thought of gods: one continuous set of relations from the fabric of the actionable universe to every potential transformation of it.

Return to Paternal, Eugenic, Evolutionary Rule as our primary occupation. The incremental, intergenerational, production of gods.

Man, warrior, craftsman, husband, father, judge, headman, aristos, hero, legend, god.

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