Curt Is On 30 Day Ban For His Anti-Racist Anti-Pedophile Post, And The (((Submitter))) Was A Stalker.

From Curt:

Here is the argument the post made:
– Despite all the attributions of pedophilia to different groups, the truth is that all groups demonstrate it. It’s not group specific.
– All asymmetry of power between the sexes is bad no matter what the age.
– In general the AGE/2,+7 Rule Tests for Asymmetry.
– But that rule applies where economies, knowledge, and institutions have made such limits possible. In other societies age differences are a factor of practical economics, practical retention of lands and assets, and practical survival.
– Ergo we must all conduct voluntary trades. The question is always (which is my main message) whether reciprocity has been provided or not.

Now, was that same message written in “language the hard right would understand?”


Because you speak to people in their own language if you want to RESPECT THEM. I treat the right with RESPECT.

I treat anyone who argues ratio-scientifically with me, with respect, and I treat anyone who doesn’t, with disrespect. Because the only possible means of reciprocity in debate, is RATIO-SCIENTIFIC ARGUMENT.

Unfortunately, the average FB editor neither has the time nor the ability to understand anything above sixth grade level.

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