If We Define Human By Agency, The Sjw’s Are Just Partially Domesticated Animals.

Once you realize that SJW’s are incompletely evolved humans, just as children, or domesticated animals, you stop taking them any more seriously than children, or domesticated animals.

The human mind can develop in utero, during childhood, and during puberty, into a condition of agency, or we can train it into agency. But it appears that some of us are born with agency, some must only be exposed to agency, and some must be trained into agency, and some must be limited in the damage that they can create due to their lack of agency.

Only then can we provide normative, cultural, and institutional agency. Because until one demonstrates self agency, that individual is not yet human.

Agency is what separates us from animals.

We can teach a crow, a dog, and a chimp facility with words and meaning if they are smart enough. People merely possess facility with words by birth. But just as pets must be taught facility with words, many people – SJW’s – must be taught agency: facility with body, thought, and emotion.

That’s what the stoics were doing.

And that is why the stoic schools were destroyed by the eastern church as a means of destroying western aristocratic civilization.

SJW’s are easy to lead. They are merely domesticated animals, and not yet human.

If we were still in our pre-christian ethos, we would be honest about these facts.

Some human lineages, and certainly the female gender, were insufficiently domesticated.

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