Is There Any Country In The Industrialized World That Has More Students (per Capita) Whose Parents Have Been In The Criminal Justice System As Does The Us?

Dishonest (Postmodern) question in my opinion.

The USA prosecutes many more minor offenses than does any other nation which accounts for our ability to leave our doors unlocked, and not fence in our yards, or put bars or grids over our windows as does the rest of the world. The only places where we must act like the rest of the world is in our immigrant cities.

We have far less ‘petty crime’ than other nations (except japan for example). We have far less ‘observable’ corruption. We have a huge drug issue and many people in the system for it.

And we have (I will get the usual Quora punishment for truth speaking for saying this) but heterogeneous societies degrade trust, degrade norms, and increase crime. For the simple reason that homogenous and wealthy peoples are marginally indifferent and redistributive and heterogeneous and poor peoples are marginally different and resist redistribution (in either direction).

If you compare ethnic groups they have the same crime rates in america as they do in their home countries. The reasons for this are finally fairly well understood (see Emmanuel Todd’s work on europe for example, or the recent books on the wealth of nations being dependent upon the size of the underclasses, or even Trust by Fukuyama. )

These are just painful truths that are counter to both secular and supernatural religions, as well as marxist postmodernist pseudoscience of the 19th and 20th centuries.

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