It’s Not Just The Alt Right, But All The Right.

(from comment on salon)

The Alt Right’s online efforts are …
… and their responses to any appeal to false consensus, are immediate and endless.

They adopted the technique from the Alinsky Left (talk over, shout down, repeat talking points, straw man, ridicule. ) ).

It is almost impossible for women (or beta males) to speak independently of false consensus, and the Alt Right’s Zero-Tolerance principle takes down weak men and nearly all the women along with it. They will go after their own weak as well, and drive out all but the dedicated.

The Right’s factions …
– New Right (Legal and Economic),
– Traditional Right (Normative, Religious, and Educational), and
– Alt Right(political and propaganda), along with the
– Paleo Conservatives and
– Paleo Libertarians
each conduct arguments against …
– Postmodernism( Outright Lying and Denialism ),
– Feminism (Female Supremacy),
– Neo Marxism( Pseudoscience), and
– Multiculturalism (White Genocide)
….but each does so with different language.

You only SEE the Alt Right Because they are loud and aggressive. But the rest of the Right simply ignores you (the left) and lets the Alt Right occupy you while we move policy forward.

Why? Because you are right. All that matters is power. So we will simply exert power and stop trying to constrain you to truth, rule of law, reciprocity, meritocracy, and family and kin as the central purpose of policy.

You never expected us to adopt your strategy did you?

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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