Should We Try To Encourage The Belief That Black Africans Are The Master Race? They Really Don’t Have A Lot Going For Them, And Life In Africa And Among Black Americans Is So Hard. I Think It Would Be Uplifting For Them.

There is no master race. There are races that have evolved in different geographies that produced different demands. Each geography produced variations of the human animal suitable to those conditions.

All people should love their own and take care of their own – self doubt is useless. The greatest inhibitor of black americans is that their culture was just getting started in the south, and the leftists brought them to cities and destroyed that culture. (They were imitating the Soviets. It didn’t work for the soviets, and russians are by and large the same race.)

There are very minor but very meaningful differences (largely endocrinological) between the races, and those of the african communities in america are earlier and deeper rates of maturity (necessary for evolution in africa), higher extroversion (necessary for warm climate hunter gatherers and subsistence farmers), and lower verbal ‘fascination’ (the opposite of the Ashkenazi for example).

Northern europeans evolved in a very different environment, and have very different intuitions and norms. ALL GROUPS are better off in homogenous cultures where they reciprocally provide what the group needs. The competition between races is not helpful except among the most highly talented and skilled global elite whose means of survival is purely economic and not at all social. Most of us are, and will always be, social creatures dependent upon one another for not only a division of labor, but a division of understanding and knowledge. Universalism is a fantasy of foolish semi-elites.

People from the African continent have a number of claims to be proud of:
1- Physical Superiority (Especially Durability). (True)
2- Higher in-group sociability (True)
3- Because of these traits, they are the only people that could survive in Africa, which by all measures is a very hostile environment for human beings.
4- And because of oceans and deserts, africans were largely cut off from the technological innovations on the northern hemisphere across the eurasian-asian continents

Love your own. Respect your people for what they have done. Understand that each of us had to evolve in our geography. And give africans time to catch up in institutional and normative technology. It’s taking time. But it’s happening. Not fast enough maybe. But pretty fast by historical standards.

The fundamental problem for all peoples is the size of the underclass. People in colder climates could not survive winters if they ‘lacked industry and discipline’. People in the far east and the west have killed off the underclasses for thousands of years, either by starvation, disease, war, or ‘hanging’ in large numbers.

Very few peoples have been able to shrink the size of the underclass: largely westerners and east asians. It should not be a surprise that westerners and east asians have the highest standards of living. Because each person at the bottom , no matter how well intentioned, is six times as costly as each person at the top is productive.

So the most important thing countries can do is to decrease the rates of reproduction of the underclasses. And now that most of the world has adopted western technologies, it will be increasingly hard for people with large underclasses to ‘carry them’ as the demand for unskilled labor declines. (This is africa’s real problem. the talented classes cannot organize such large numbers of underclasses using capitalism (voluntary organization of production). And even so, it is not universal. (Look at Nigeria, Ghana, and Ethiopia.)

Africans have plenty to be proud of: they conquered the largest and most difficult continent, despite its terrible hostility to human life, and its near isolation from trade, technology, and information routes – and the use of africa as a source of STRONG DURABLE slave labor by neighboring peoples during the entirety of the agrarian age so dependent upon human labor.

It pains me every time I have to encourage african self respect, when there are so many other groups on this earth who have so much self respect – yet are so undeserving of it.

(The greatest danger to africa is Islam, which glorifies the unproductive underclass. It is very seductive, and it has destroyed at least five major civilizations by the same means: expanding the underclasses.)

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