That’s A Fuzzy Language Question…. Let’s Fix It.

—-”Since the ideological core of America is a individualistic democracy, what makes you think that a fascist movement would be more popular with the American populace? (”—-

America was founded as a ‘third way’ free of both church and state, and instead for the entrepreneurial (meritocratic) individual. The original colonists recruited heavily ‘people of good character’ to create that ‘third way’ The constitution constructed rule by “The natural law of reciprocity”, and individual sovereignty (although they used the world liberty).

This meant that all functions of society were organized into markets. You could perform service, with service you could earn property, with property you could earn voice.

Meanwhile the court adjudicated differences entirely by property rights. This was ‘the third way’ that they were inventing. A third way not done before. Or at least, the third way that had continued from Anglo Saxon times, and was under attack during the colonial period.

So it is that America was founded under rule of law. Not rule of legislation. rule of LAW. With legislation being little more than contract negotiated between the states, just as contracts were negotiated within the state, and within the polity, and between individuals.

This is why those of us educated pre-marxism-postmoderism’s takeover of the school, academy, media and state during and the vietnam war, treat the constitution as ‘sacred’. Because for all intents and purposes – it is. It is ‘inviolate’. Unfortunately, beginning with the 14th amendment, then increasingly during the 20th century, the left was able to destroy rule of law, and re-implement rule-by-legislation, and then eventual restore the church, with a secular religion of postmodernism.


Fascism, meaning **economic and cultural nationalism**, was developed to counter the spread of **global communism. **
There is very little difference between **FrankfurtSchool Marxism**, and it’s successor, **Postmodern School Political correctness** – and world communism. Just as there is very little difference between j**udaism, christianity, and islam** and **world communism**.

So if you are from a good family, clan, tribe, and nation, you might choose nationalism over globalism. And if you are from a not-so-good family, clan, tribe, and nation you might choose globalism.

People tend to follow the elites that promise them a competitive advantage. This is why people in homogenous societies vote by class blocks, and in heterogeneous societies they vote in racial and tribal and religious blocks: to obtain advantage via the force of government, rather than through market competition in the service of others.

So Fascism is just a practical means by which KIN GROUPS (Nationalists) protect themselves from MAJORITY TYRANNY (Corporatists) by resisting universalism.

Who do you want to get ahead? Well that depends upon what elites you can put into place to get your agenda ahead.

Some of us are wired (like females) for the short term and experiential, and some of us are wired (like males) for the long term and capital accumulation.

The strange thing is, nationalists are happy to separate and let others do as they will, but universalists are not?

Why is that?

The only answer CAN BE that one fears facing the reality of one’s inferiority in competition with kin groups.

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