Transcending The Liberal Order

(bit of brilliance here that few will ever reach)

by Joel Davis

It’s funny how once I fully realised that you have completed the Enlightenment and taken Liberalism to its’ logical end, I simultaneously realised that you have stripped Liberalism of all its’ (faux-)sacredness around which we have all been culturally conditioned.

You would undoubtedly take that as a compliment, yet ironically, that is precisely what alienated me from your ideology.

Once I was fully deprogrammed and transcended the Liberal axia upon which our culture is built, I stopped measuring in the units of individualism and instead became focused on socio-cultural systems as entities themselves.

We all experience identification with socio-cultural systems which transcend our individuality, and as individuals are culturally disciplined, they progressively lose their individuality into shared identity.

You could explain this merely with evolutionary psychology if you want, but we can also map out the structure of how this functions on the experiential level, and as that is the level at we directly experience this phenomena, it seems far more interesting to me.

So yes, we can measure it at the marginalist-Darwinian level, but we can also measure it at the psycholinguistic-aesthetic level.

Just because the psycholinguistic-aesthetic level is harder to falsify, it doesn’t make it any less real, it just makes it a more challenging domain.

(Curt: You see, I don’t have to produce the next generation of thought, I just have to END THE PRISON of this generation of thought. If I could help bring about 1000 people like Joel, can you imagine what would come of it?????)

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