What Do Americans Think Of The Fact That Their Country Is Seen Almost Everywhere On Earth As The Most Arrogant And Bellicose Country Responsible Of The Death Of Millions Of Innocent People?


—-”What do Americans think of the fact that their country is seen almost everywhere on Earth as the most arrogant and bellicose country responsible of the death of millions of innocent people?”—-

What do Americans think? You mean uneducated or educated, or educated and knowledgeable, or educated, and knowledgeable, and experience americans?

For the educated, and knowledgeable and experience American, we feel quite rightly that the world is ungrateful for westerners and americans dragging them kicking and screaming out of ignorance, superstition, poverty, hard labor, child death, early death, disease, tyranny. Yes, the european empires tried to drag the world out of a 2000 year dark age and did so profitably. And yes during the world wars, they collapsed and failed to finish the job. And yes, america post-war forced those countries to modernize thesleves rather than directly ruling them as did the colonizers. And yes, communism, socialism, and islamic fundamentalism are all means by which the world resisted being dragged out of ignorance, superstition, poverty, hard labor, child death, early death, disease, and tyranny.

And yes, we are trying to stop the spread of regressive islam, the same way stopped the spread of regressive socialism, and the same way we stopped the spread of regressive communism. Unfortunately, we are internally under attack by the newest pseudoscientific pseudo rational religion called ‘postmodernism’. And we are no longer in the economic position to fight internal cults (postmodernism that owns our universities and media and government), nor are we in the position to hold states and people accountable for their rule. Nor arwe we in the position to rule states directly. Because the cost is just too high compared to a century ago.

The USA has had a simple policy since the end of the world war that is unstated:
1 – This kind of war must never happen again – mankind will end.
2 – We can prevent such a war from happening by bringing all people into an interdependent economic world order. Economic cooperation changes ‘conflicts’ from physical to economic, cultural, and informational. It is still conflict, but it is less bad than war.
3 – People will pursue the interdependent economic world order for the simple reason that they would prefer the comforts of consumer capitalism than to be envious of those that have them.
4 – We can achieve this by a) preventing expansion of state power, b) directing states to producing human rights (all of which are but property rights), c) advancing democracy so that states will work at human rights (property rights) and then by consequences, join the world economic order out of self interest. d) advancing the self determination of peoples, but retaining borders.

The problem with this set of goals is that:
a) most peoples are not demographically advanced enough to adopt consumer capitalism, rule of law, and democracy. Familialism and corruption are too common in the rest of the world, and only northern europeans have succeeded in eliminating it. (Read Fukuyama for some of the reasons why)
b) americans have said ‘self determination’ and ‘democracy’ (The Carrot) but have not spoken the consequence (The Stick). Which is ‘if you choose poorly we will punish your government, and by consequence punish you.)
c) Had we completed the colonial ( modernization) project in russia, china, and finally in the middle east, rather than abandoning those peoples, we may have made this process less full of conflict, as did the british in their colonies. but at present we are still struggling with russian, chinese, iranian, pakistani aggression, and unfortunately, north Korea’s threat.

We have paid a high price in blood and treasure where we could just have easily ruled the world exploitatively and by force – without much effort at all. What other people would do such a thing?

How many people has Islam killed? How many have Communists Killed? How many have westerners dragged out of ignorance, superstition, poverty and disease?

Our entire project is nothing more than trying to prevent another world war in the process of dragging people out of the abrahamic (jewish, christian, muslim->Marxist-Socialist, Postmodernist, fundamentalist) dark age.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute


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