Where Is The Best Breakfast Place In Bellevue, Wa?

The choices aren’t that great really.

  1. HIGH: Brunch at Newcastle (Restaurant at the golf club) Best by far.
  2. MIDDLE: Brown Bag Cafe (redmond. I don’t know if they still have that little house downtown, but that’s the ‘old redmond’ experience.
  3. LOW: Chase’s Pancake Corral (bottom of bellevue way)

I suppose I qualify as “Old Bellevue” these days (which is weird), but you know, those are the staples.

I don’t recognize Bellevue or Redmond any longer. When I moved to Bellevue, redmond was … like 10k people?

Anyway. Use TripAdvisor for restaurant reviews. They tend to be the best because they cater to people who travel a great deal, and therefore have a lot to compare against.


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