Why Did It Take Humanity So Long To Invent Science?

Science uses measurement (a form of competition, believe it or not) to extend perception, and eliminate ignorance, error, bias, wishful thinking, suggestion, obscurantism and deceit. In other words, science is the means by which we seek to speak truthfully.

Science evolved out of european common law of torts (resolution of disputes over property between equals), which led from the jury, to the ‘thang’ to the ‘senate’. This led to ‘scientific’ debate. This led to reason. Reason led to aristotelian pre-science. (He studied constitutions). Bacon was a lawyer. That law led to empiricism. Empiricism led to science.

Law under competition (western law) led to science.

Language evolved to negotiate, not to speak truthfully.

Religion hindered law. (Religion is an attempt to state wisdom literature is true)

Only the west invented it. You can see the chinese come close. No one else comes close. Even the persians were using what we call science for superstitious purposes.


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