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When we say ‘RATIONAL’ we mean, it’s a rational or not rational choice by which to obtain desirable outcomes.

When we LOGICAL we mean that one’s argument, justification, or reasoning, follows in the sense that the constant relations of properties, categories, relations, and values, that you’re depending upon are constant for the purposes you suggest, assert, or claim. And generally we separate the logical (necessary) from the rational (choice)

When we say ‘EMPIRICAL’ we mean that ones description, argument, justification, or reasoning, has been tested against reality by the use of physical and logical instrumentation to eliminate common errors of perception, bias, reason, logic, and fraud.

When we say ‘SCIENTIFIC’ we mean that ones statements have been tested logically, empirically, rationally, stated operationally, scope complete, and limited, and that the work is warrantied, if by nothing else than reputation and career. (very little work is scientific)

When we say TESTIMONIAL we mean that if your statement is logical, scientific, rational, reciprocal (meaning ethical an dmoral)l, limited and complete, and that you’ve given a warranty that you’ve done these due diligences , and have put ‘skin in the game’ if you are wrong.

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