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Minor movies worth watching if you haven’t seen them.

The reason I want to call them out, is in part, that villenueve’s use of kubrick’s techniques combined is (thankfully) spreading into the indie and drama markets. Secondly, the use of increasingly layered plots is also becoming ‘a necessity’. (Whch we all attribute to the HBO series’ etc).

(I want to see the whole ‘vfx spectacle’ die as soon as possible.)

– The Beyond (different tack on Arrival)
– Devil’s Gate (very fun and unexpected)
– The Strange Ones (if you can’t get into it)
– 2:22 (um… a bit predictable, and beyond suspension of disbelief, but well done)
And of course:
– Three billboards, which is not quite Tarantino, but a nod to the form.

It’s getting to the point where if a star is included in the lineup the movie is guarranteed to be sh–t. If it’s using lots of character actors, then it’s going to fly. It’s almost a truism.

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