by Nick Heywood

Watched a show on Queen Elizabeth.
And in a particular scene, she had Rev Graham to the palace after watching a few preachings on TV.

She explained how she felt so lonely. And was wondering if he understood and could offer any advice.
He, naturally, humbled himself. :)

And to paraphrase…

You’re the head of the Church of of England. Theres the Church and it’s hierarchy and teaching, then you, then God. How is it possible to not feel lonely? It’s not possible for me to empathize. I’m just a Man.

I thought that a brilliant explanation of what a monarchy is supposed to be. Some sort of wise archetype. Decider of last resort. etc etc.

And yes. That’d be f’n lonely! And bloody good reasoning for a monarchy.

Still don’t like the idea. But I think that’s just me hanging onto “Rebel” 🙂

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