Crusades And The Abrahamic Dark Age

The crusades were warranted, too small.

If you understand the damage of the abrahamic dark age, between jews, christians and muslims, and how europeans finally broke free of it.

If you understand we have castles because spain defended against the muslim conquest.

If you understand the fall of the western empire was due more to islamic predation causing the civilizational collapses, as the plague and the germanic invasions.

If you understand the germanic invasions were caused by the vacuum created by the romans destroying their competitors the celts – just as we destroyed germany in the world wars….

The vikings were put to good use.

There were just not enough europeans to fund the ‘saving’ of the middle eastern region from islam.

We are the prisoners of the lie of christianity.

The people of desert and steppe are prisoners of the lie of islam.

We are all victims of the abrahamic deception of judaism; the weaponization of the female reproductive strategy by means of gossip and shaming and the lauding of the child, failure, and underclass.

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