Discussion: Richland Spencer, Millenial Woes, Styx, Sargon,

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by Adam Walker

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There were a lot of good ideas exchanged in this discussion.

The funny thing is Curt Doolittle’s work actually solves most of the conflicts in fundamental disagreements. Sargon wants to retain the autonomous sustainability of liberty and has a problem with Richard’s embrace of authoritarianism and see’s it as a way of moving backwards.

Richard and Woes are presenting the very clear and present danger of encroaching collectives from the outside of western civilization emphasizing that if we don’t embrace a little collectivism or a little authoritarianism ourselves, we’re simply going to be bulldozed into the trash bin of history.

Curt’s vision of markets in everything, the key being market governments, allows for ethnostates to form organically and autonomously and also compete meritocratically with other polities or governments, that say, Sargon would prefer.

The problems that ethnonationalists have is of course the over focus on race. I’m not saying race isn’t one of the most important issues of our time, but we tend to be so focused against Marxism that we forget to concentrate on one of the things that has made Marxism so effective and that if the right focused on more, we’d get around a lot of hurdles that cause so much infighting.

And that one thing is Class.

We’re arguing for ethnostates essentially because it is easy to produce the kind of high trust society we envision if we simply make everyone look and think like us. But what we really want is a high class society and a great aristocracy to rule us.

To be truly ruled by our betters and not corrupt unelected and unwanted politicians is what we want. These problems have solutions that these personalities just haven’t discovered yet and been able to discuss.

In those discussions, a coalition of bright minds could form such that could design a system after the American system eventually collapses.

Until then, I just wish more people could understand the importance of Curt’s work and the impact it will have on the future of the civilized world.

If we can’t recognize truth and slaughter all our sacred cows we’ll fail to resurrect western civilization’s greatness forever.

via Adam Walker:

Conversation was from a livestream Google hangout between Richland Spencer, Millenial Woes, Styx, Sargon, and some others on Andywarski’s YouTube channel.

Link: https://youtu.be/UiUH-tWHbr8

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